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Brief introduction:Sepiolite characteristic:
Sepiolite is a kind of to enrich to contain sour salt of the magnesium fiber form silicon to glue the soil mineral,
the chemistry composition mainly is a silicon ( Si) to constitute with magnesium( Mg), molecular formula is

The Mg(the H2 Os)8 H2 Os, the color changes much, the white theres is also shallow Huang,shallow ash mostly,black and green, opaque, the hand feeling glues to match, the physical volume is big, specific weight 2 ~ 2.5,

Not poisonous, the just like flavor, have no harmful effects, non-combustible burn, tallest hot-resistant 1750 degreeses,
 absorb water a rate high and big in self-respect of 1.500%, catalyst,absorb sex good.

Sepiolite use:
Sepiolite has the constringency rate low, plasticity good, bear alkali to fuse easily, adsorb function strong wait special
industrial function, also have to adsorb in addition, take off a color, hot stability, the anti-decay, anti- radiation and
separate hot, insulate etc. characteristic, mainly used for building soundproof, separate hot material, coating.
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