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◎ General Description


The slag dart is designed to effectively stop slag from entering the tapping stream.It is inserted mechanically into the
taphole toward the end of the tapping operation and is designed to float at the slag/metal interface.
When the steel is drained from the furnace it seals the taphole thus holding back the slag.

◎ Appearance
  The slag dart consists of two basic components, a head and a stem.
◎ Typical Specification




Al2O3 48% min 53%
SiO2 6% max. 4.9%
TiO2 3% max. 2.2%
Fe 42% max. 38%
Fe2O3 1.5% max. 0.7%
Na2O 1.5% max. 0.7%
◎ Important Properties
  Dart formulation designed to disperse slag to create a slag free area above the tap hole. Minimize the amount of slag
drawn into the tap stream by the vortex effect
Homogenous product and weight is evenly distributed. Custom design to optimize the slag limiting performance.
Origin : Korea